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intel xeon. never had an amd, so i cant recommend it. i would like to get one though.
We've never been an intel family...when I was growing up my dad worked for Tandy corporation, and I don't know what sort of CPUs they were using in those machines, but after the pentium revolution I can only recall us owning one intel system (which was the 586). After that, my dad started buying computers with cyrix chips, and when AMD started making gains in the market we went all AMD. My current computer is athlon, and my previous two were duron and k6-2. Some people seem to really love Intel, but I'm satisfied.

Funny story: I went to a local computer shop in town hoping to buy a replacement socket A motherboard, and the sales guy I talked too (he looked like the manager), proclaimed fervantly that they don't sell AMD products. I gave him a funny look, and then he went all Intel jihad on me, boasting about how it's the best...etc etc. He was wearing a shirt with "Intel" embroidered on the chest, and I raised my eyebrow at him and asked, "Are they paying you?" He denied it, of course, but it was a riot...my girlfriend and I joked about it afterwards. Really, I know people have their own preferences, but I was a bit displeased to see the zealotry on the job (seems like bad salesmanship to me). And don't get me wrong; I have a positive opinion of Intel, but their cult followings rub me the wrong way (just how I like Apple computers a lot but just want to whack the knownothing fanboys/girls over the head with a thick O'Reilly book).