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    why wont Linux install

    when i install linux ( mandrake 9.1), on the first disk i get the message hdc: Lost interupt.. then In interupt handeler not syncing..
    Why do i get this

    Any body help

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    what kind of system?

    is plug n play disabled in the bios?

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    hdc is ur cd-drive am i right?


    1) check whether ur cd has got some scratches. if so try to clean it with a cotton cloth with a drop of water in it. iam not kidding man. this will work.

    2) check ur cd-drive is in nice condition

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    its hda not hdc sorry cant read my writing , that i get lost interupt with

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    hda is my hard drive (brand new)

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    It's far worse than that. You don't get a kernel panic from just a broken disk anyway. There's probably something much more hideous hiding below the surface.
    What architecture is this? Is it PC compatible and IA32? What IDE chipset do you have? Don't you get a kernel oops or anything along the way? It should at the very least print something just prior to "In interrupt handler - not syncing" that explains the panic a bit better.

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    more info

    yeah i guessed it was not good,, the motherboard is asrock K7S8X err is the chipset SIS 746FX, ATX says north bridge and south bridge SiS 963L supports ata 133 + usb 2.
    the pause comes after IDE1 at buch of hex irq 15
    then i get lost inerupt
    and partition check
    hda : host protected area => 1
    unable to handle Kernel null pointer dereference at virtual address 0000024.
    and a load of other stuff then
    <0> kernel panic : Aiee Killing interupt handeler.
    windows xp loads and runs fine on this though ??
    Thanks Lee

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    I just checked at, and they do not list the SIS 746 as being compatible. Now there are lots of chipsets that are compatible but still not listed, since the interface is pretty standardized. However, it could also mean that this chipset uses some proprietary interface "extensions" which makes it incompatible with Linux. Winbloze might simply have specific support for this chipset. That's the backside of running a free operating system; some companies just won't share their hardware specs with you.

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    does that mean i cant run linux on it

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    That means you probably cant unless:

    1. you get a new/used comp that is compatable with Linux


    2. Get a new Motherboard and other hardware that would cause linux to not install or run properly.

    Remember before u get a new OS or download it make sure hardware is compatable with it!

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