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Thread: Simple Linux...

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    Simple Linux...

    What is the best Linux for a really old computer, like P1 133Mhz?

    thank you

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    For something that old, you may want to look into Slackware with a light window manager like ICEwm or fluxbox; Vectorlinux would also be a good choice (it's based on Slack). Debian is a staple for older machines as well. The most important thing is that you won't be able to run Gnome or KDE with much success, so a light window manager is a definite must.
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    The minimum I have ever run KDE on is 200 mhz pII

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    Besides the ones mentioned, Damn Small Linux (DSL) would also be a good choice. I'd also recommend a light GUI, maybe Xfce or IceWM. DSL has Fluxbox, I think.
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    MiniSlack might also be a good option. It comes with XFCE4...

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    Vector Linux will have something for you

    Check out thier comparison chart here
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    Thank you all for your replies, but I think I'll go with:

    Quote Originally Posted by Ozar
    MiniSlack might also be a good option. It comes with XFCE4...
    one question, does minislack actually comes with XFCE4 or do I need to set it up by myself?

    thanks again.

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