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    SuSe 9.1 OEM Install to modular bay HD. No CD-ROM OR Floppy

    System: Laptop HP Compaq NX5000 w/ Suse Linux 9.1 pre-installed. Pentium 4 m 512 m.

    Ok My problem. The internal HD came pre-installed with Suse Linux 9.1. I then bought a new HD to use within the modular bay, which currently has the CD-ROM. I preceaded to install Windows XP on to the modular bay HD, but since I had no CD-ROM(had to remove for the modular drive) I had to remove the internal drive(Linux) and installed the Spare HD and keep the CD-ROM in the bay. Once the install was done i switched the drives(Linux=>Modular bay, Windows=>Internal bay). The windows drive booted correctly(ofcourse, thats where I installed it to begin with), but the linux drive booted to Grub. Is there a way I can tell Grub I switched the drives? or if not, How can I install Suse Linux 9.1 onto the Modular bay HD without having a CD-ROM or Floppy, with windows XP running in the internal bay?

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    So now the drive with SuSE on it is in the modular bay and the drive with Windows on it is in the internal bay?

    And you have one set as master and the other as slave?

    Is this all correct?

    If so, could you post the results of
    fdisk -l
    cat /boot/grub/menu.lst

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    Yes your are correct, but I dont think I can set the internal or modular bay drives as master or slave. If I can how do I do that? Now for the code results you want, how do I save them so I can post them? I was wondering if I can format the modular bay drive with

    format x: /s
    within windows and have the bios boot to that drive and run the linux setup there? Would I have to partition the drive and copy the SuSe files over? also would it be possible to connect a serial port cd-rom and install that way?

    Thanks for the help

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