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    No swap space - oh no!'s the deal. I was just messin around on a test box so this does not really matter anyways, but here is what I did. I installed 2003 server, and I wanted to dual boot Fedora Core 3. As I was going through, I told Fedora to install to sda, because 2003 server was on hda. As much as I tried, it would not create a swap space on sda, it kept on giving me errors about not being able to create that partition as the primary or something along those lines. short I ended up leaving the swap space out. It seems to run "ok" so far, but having swap space has to be so much better. Can I add it now?????

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    I am sure you can. If you have a partition made for it then you have to know the /dev/..... Then you just put some info in your /etc/fstab. I don't know the exact command because I don't have a swap partition But if you don't have a swap partition then I would either shrink one of the other partitions using "qtparted" or use a swap file. qtparted is on most Knoppix CDs
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    But I am going to have to resize this ext3 partition that I have Fedora on now, to make room for the swap right? Is there a free tool that I can use to do that?

    Or if I don't even have to do it, forget it

    Maybe I'm better running without one? The machine does have 768 MB of RAM in it.......................

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    Unless you're going to do something with VERY heavy load, you probably won't need a swap partition with that much memory. I always recommend to have a swap partition "just in case" but since this is a test box, I don't think it's that big a deal.
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    Sweet - I'll just keep it this way then.

    Less work for me!

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    Because it is a test box I think you should take the time to put a swap space in. If you start hammering on it and chew up the memory you will expierence pain.
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    In is a post of me how to create a swapfile. That doesn't require any repartitioning or reformatting and works fine.
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    hell, you'll probably be even faster without, since physical memory is faster than swap.
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