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    Neded some serious dual booting help.

    Here's the deal. I'm running an iBook g4, and I have an external HDD. I want to install Ubuntu linux on the external HDD. I have searched google up, and down. There are some articles that seem to deal with problem, but nothing that can help me completely. I need some serious help here! If anyone has the time, I could really use a step-by-step process... If I get it installed on the external, how will I boot linux from the external? this is my main question. Partitioning the external is a big question of mine also. How many partitions should I use? How big?

    I'm sorry if I'm being a pain in the ass, but I really, really have tried to this on my own. But I'm scared crapless that I'm gonna fry either my iBook HDD or my external, and replacing the data and settings would take a good chunk of time. Basically, I want the external petition to use and get used too for a while, so I know if I really want to format my internal and partition it.

    ANY help, recommendations, or anything appreciated!

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    I want to install Ubuntu linux on the external HDD.
    My advice is, for the love of God don't install Ubuntu! see our "worst distro" thread for details.

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    You've gotta install a boot loader onto your interal HD. Make a small (<half a gig) partition on your internal HD to install GRUB to. The GRUB manual's installation instructions are here.
    :/ but I'm not sure where you can get something to install GRUB with on PPC.

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    According to this site Yaboot can boot Ubuntu.
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    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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