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    SuSe Linux Install LOCKS UP!

    Hey, recently went from Redhat to SuSe Linux, well... kinda, I'm trying to you see.

    The installer detects my ethernet card fine but then when it goes to finalzing the stuff it says

    Finalizing network settings

    Deactivate local configuration
    Write network drivers
    Write configuration
    Write routing configuration
    Write host name and DNS configuration
    Setup network services
    Write firewall configuration
    Activate network services
    Write SuSe config

    it says that... but locks up right before a checkmark appears by "Activate network services" lock up as in hanging, mouse won't move, can't hit ALT F1-F7 to go thru install terminals, etc.

    I'm lost at this point. I rebooted and re-did the entire install (but with a minimum installation) figuring (preying ) it was a glitch.

    Now, the installer did pick up my ethernet card to a tee BOTH times around, word for word. (Which is: LNE100TX -- EtherFast® 10/100 LAN Card)

    I don't understand it though, Redhat 9 and Mandrake 9.1 didn't lock up or give me any fuss with Ethernet. No reason SuSe should either.

    What could be the problem? How should I resolve it?

    I downloaded the ISO's and checked the MD5sums , they checked out OK (also that means i have no warrent or support)

    Desperate! Please help!

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    It happens sometimes that some distros compile their kernels wrong, so that it doesn't work for some specific pieces of hardware. Maybe you NIC is one of those. In that case, there's not much to do, except try another version of SuSE or another distro.

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    Well ****. Took me 3 weeks to get this distro on dialup.... ugh.. oh well

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    If it'd be possible any other way please reply, I'm downloading Mandrake but it could take weeks.

    Also some might wonder why i got a nic if i'm on 56k... i do LAN work alot. thx

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    Run the installation in text mode and see if it gives you any error.

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    you could also try not configuring the nic during installation and then configuring it once everything is up and running with yast/yast2!

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    Dont give up yet. I had a similar (the same?) problem with my SuSE install. I fixed it by skipping that step (there is an option to skip the network detection stage). After that, you go through all the rest of the installation, then sign on.

    Chance are, once you sign on for the first time, your network card will NOT WORK still. Don't panic. Sign out, do a cold reboot, and sign on again.

    It seems to need to activate the network card from a new boot. No idea why it doesn't work from the installation screen.

    Mine works fine now. Respond back if you are able to install but still have no internet access.

    Hope it works!

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