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Thread: Red Hat

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    Red Hat

    Okey Dokey,

    Further to my post yesterday I have installed Red Hat 9. Identified everything OK and I am using my WinXP machine as a router and it sees that and routes through the gateway fine.

    Really like the GUI much nicer than Windows.

    Couple of questions - in the past when I have set up a windows pc the first thing I do is set up anti-virus and personal firewall. So is there a good piece of av software for red hat?

    And I know red hat has got a firewall installed and I have gone with medium security. Is this similar to Zonealarm or something of that ilk. How do you go about setting firewall settings. Could someone point me in the direction of a good website covering Red Hat for newbies.

    Other question red hat recognised my graphics card fine - but when I try and run it at 1280 x 1024 I get green lines down the screen. When I had mdk on the system this did not happen? Do I need to get newer drivers?


    delarmi :o

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    most people that use linux do not deem it necessary to use antivirus, but you can if you want.

    here are some useful things to type into your terminal or run command:

    The firewall that red hat comes with is called lokkit - do a google search and look up info on it there.
    My site might be good for you. See the link below, plus there is a forum there as well. Post and I and or others will answer any questions you have about the guide or anything else. This forum is really good too. Use your resources.

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    thanks yowww

    i will take a look round

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    I agree that the GUI is better is Windows in many aspects, but beware of it. Like in Windows, this GUI (in its standard configuration, that is) is meant to take away power in return for user-friendlyness. Don't think of the shell as an alternative or "wrong" way of doing things. In most cases, the opposite is actually true, and there is still much more you can do with the shell. Admittedly, though, it does take some effort to learn it correctly. You can see for a quick-start guide on it.

    To put it simply: You won't need AV software. Except for some worms, there are virtually no viruses for Linux. The worms are better of blocked with up-to-date software and security settings anyway.

    Although RedHat's firewall setup tool might seem good enough, it is really just a front-end to the kernel level firewall, which is orders of magnitude more advanced than anything that you'll find to Windows. If you want to learn to use it properly, I suggest that you check out the documentation on Netfilter is the name of the core technology upon which the firewall (which is called iptables) is built, just in case you were wondering.

    RedHat keeps all its manuals online under the GNU Free Documentation license. You can find them on
    The Linux Documentation Project has tons and tons of HOWTOs, which describe how to do certain things. The LDP is housed at
    You shouldn't underestimate yowwww's site either. It has proved most useful.

    What video card do you have?

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