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    Recommend for 300mhz k6?

    I have an old 300mhz k6 box I wanna install linux on (just 'cause), and I was wondering what version of linux I should install, I've been thinking redhat 7.1, but does anyone else have suggestions?

    (currently its running redhat 9, and it takes just under 10 minutes to load/log in)

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    thats got to be a config problem. I had mdk9.0 running on about 2/3 that spec and 32mb ram. and it took like 2-3 mins to boot

    try turning off some services. check that u arent tryign to get an ip address from a non-existant dhcp server (causes a minute or so wait for timeout). Also check that dma is runnign on ur HDD. Also check ur bios for any "safety mode" settings such as serious downclocking due to failed boots etc.

    also, if u have limited ram. turn off graphical startup as u waste about 5mb by using that login vs text based then startx. KDE also uses lotsa resources. so choose a slightly smaller desktop enviro.

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    Check with this command as root in a terminal..

    chkconfig --list | grep 3:on
    Which will print out the services that starts in runlevel 3, if you start in any runlevel just replace the 3 with the correct one. To turn off services you use...

    chkconfig --leve 0123456 <servicename> off
    And the same thing to turn on services, but then with the argument on.


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    college linux 2.3

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