I have a problem with my Suse 9.3 installation.

The Installation Process stops at "int.14 soft raid".

I tried serveral other distributions. Fedora Core 3, Suse 9.0
Debian Sarge. Each has it isues (this sux). Could this be the same Isue
like in Suse 9.2 (what the hell is novell doing? Bug fixing ? no Bug adding)

I really thought that after using unix for over 10 Year now, Linux should at leats be able to install proper.

Ist it possible to Install linux on an usb disk? Debian Sarge 3.1 installs but donīt Boot (Error 21) and kills my mbr (again and again Linux Coders seems to hate mbrs).

Debian installed on hda -> donīt install because netwerok connection donīt work (I want to install from dvd..)