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    So gentoo rocks then now huh?
    Heh, I love it. It is the best thing since sliced bread.
    Takes a bit to get used to, and there are a few neat tricks that you can find on the gentoo forum, but it is just excellent - especially with gnome 2.4 beta

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    i know this has been explained once before, but i can't find the thread ... could someone give a brief run down of the different stages? a friend of mine just installed Gentoo 1.4 and he said it took him about 4 days to install. and he's on a cable modem. i don't know if that would make much of a difference, but he looked at me and laughed (as he always does when we discuss bandwidth) and said i should stick with RH. jerk.
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    Stage 1: You download the source for everything and compile everything from the source.

    Stage 2: The tarball has the bootstrapping done, and you only compile the rest of the system.

    Stage 3: Everything is compiled for you and all you do is configure your scripts/programs.

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