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    Need some answers for a n00b.

    Hello everyone, this is my first post here and I have a couple of questions before I install Linux on my box:

    Ok, well over the last year i've been wanting to learn Linux. There is much to be said for a stable, secure, and free OS. But before I install a distro, I need some answers:

    1.) I currently have 2 hard drives in my box. One is my windowsxp HD and the other is for mp3, movies, etc... I would like to install Linux on my the HD with the mp3's and stuff. So how do I go about partitioning the drive so I don't lose all my music and movies? And if i'm not happy with linux, could I remove that partition?

    2.) If I get the partition worked out and Linux installs well, how would I boot from the second hard drive instead of my windows drive? And since my mp3s would be on the same hard disk as my distro (but different partition) how would I access those?

    3.) I would need a ftp program, so what could I use for that with linux and is MozillaFirebird builds for linux any good.

    Thanks for any and all help.

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    I could recomend that you give "partition magic" a shoot. Its quite easy using new versions. You easly creat, delete, rezize etc in some simple steps.
    Try googling for it.

    Oh, yeah, and you can allways use "GNU Parted". Havent tried it much, but I saw a QT frontend to it, and that looked allmoast as partition magic. I guess you would need cygwin etc to get it to work


    You would boot by if you install LILO (LInux LOader) by just using your arrows. Just pick whatever you want, and press enter and you're booting. Its quite good, LILO, and you can even animate it, with moving penguins etc (but who really wants that :P )

    Since you said that you are using XP, I think that you are using that crappy NTFS. So, you can't write to the disk, but reading should go perfectly. Or. Well you know, Microsoft products :P Bether to ditch them all

    Shure you can do whatever you want with that partition, including delething it.


    For a really good console-based ftp client, you could try ncftp. If you're more the graphical kinda guy, try gftp.

    For the mozilla stuff, I don't know, I don't use firebird but I do think that they are at least usable

    Good Luck

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    Good that you thinking about installing Linux!! Its very possible to have both linux and windows on different hd, but if you have made a one big partition on your mp3 disk you need to free up some space for the linux installation. Maybe with partition magic for windows.

    Linux uses different filesystem types (ext2,ext3,reizerfs) to be able to function then what windows does (FAT32,NTFS). Thats why you need to free up som space on the disk you are thinking about installing on.

    The last thing that happends during a linux installation is to install the bootloader on mbr which handles which OS you want to boot up on, so its no problem to boot both on win and linux.

    To access your mp3:s from linux is possible, then you just have to mount that partition as a normal filesystem. That we can help you with here when your installation is finisched..

    Good Luck!


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