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    automated installation how to?


    I have a project where i use more than one computers (many in fact) and on each of these computers, i will have only:
    MYSQL, APACHE, PHP and GCC, I dont need anything else...

    when I need to expand... the project... I will add one or more computers to the system... and I dont want to sit next to the computer each time I do a new installation... I've read that automated installation in linux is very simple... the thing is that i dont know at all how to..
    I want something unix like, and I've been switching my mind from FreeBSD and linux all the time, I think I'll try linux now..
    I haven't downloaded any ISO's yet and Is there a way of preparing for this auto-installation without downloading a 600 MB ISO file..?

    thank you in advance,
    O Darcan

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    The way of doing that is distribution-specific. I know RedHat has such a system, and I'd be surprised if not all major distributors do. RedHat call it "kickstart". I'm sure they have lots of docs on it on their site. One great advantage (I don't know which other distributions support it), is that you don't need to have a CD for it at all. You can just configure it to download everything directly from RedHat's FTP or a mirror. You can also install it via HTTP and NFS, if that's preferrable. I haven't actually tried, but I guess you basically make a boot floppy and put the kickstart script on it. It probably says on RedHat's site, like I mentioned.

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    I have used SystemImager to do installs for clusters. Do a search for it on freshmeat.


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