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    USB speaker / Help with switching sound output


    I have a linex USB FM transmitter (which to a computer is a USB speaker) and with my fedora 3 thinkpad it detects the device correctly, yet when I play music it comes out of the standard speakers on the thinkpad. At work I have a redhat box and I plug the device in, it detects the device the same as my home system and works fine. The difference is my work machine has no sound card. I tried using the sound card detection tool in GNOME to change the the default sound card it didn't work also.

    So my question is how do switch sound output on a fedora computer? Is there some tool I can download or some command line I can use to switch sound output?


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    I'm having a similar problem on my laptop. I'd like to be able to listen to music only on my headphones, but it always plays it with the speakers as well. I'd suggest you try some mixer program (alsamixer, Kmix...) and play around with the settings. I haven't got it to work yet...
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    Change primary sound device


    The FM Transmitter works now but I can't change it to be the default sound output device. The only way I worked out how to do it was to change the default sound device using the Souncard detection tool. But there is a bug with this .

    The bug is outlined in the URL below.

    I followed the steps in this URL and applyed the following fixes ie s-c-s 1.2.12 & alsa-lib 1.0.9rc4-2.

    The only thing is the sound detection tool update is only for Fedora 4 not for Fedora 3, will that make a difference ? The rpm ran successful. It fixed the play test music successfully but not the change audio primary device. Its like it cannot save the setting.

    The information of the fix is below in the following URL.

    Has anyone else had similar problems?



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