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    it has an internal 3com modem, and I use a wpc11 linksys wireless card for internet (linksys has linux drivers for it...)and access to the network, the onlu USB devices i use with is I have a linksys usb10t ehternet port, that I have used when my router went down a few times. but I do have a USB harddrive that I use quite frequently. the laptop has one usb port. I currently access my printer via the network ( gues I will need to find something for it too) other than that I really have not used any other usb or for that matter Pcmcia devises

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    I don't know about the ethernet dongle, but the USB hard drive will work, at least.

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    I still have not got the redhat stuff down, I think I may just order it on cd, I found it for $36 is that good? or is there a better source to order the distro on disk?

    I decided to give it a go again with the mdk 9 last night due to boredom, and WTF???? it went smoothly so far.... I get all green "oks" at start up
    I guess the hang ups I was getting was the defective hdd that was in it
    it just happened to go kaput when I tried to install prviosly

    I did a basic install, just workstation and internet station + the graphical environments

    I have a 20 gig hdd
    I put a 5 GB \
    600 MB \swap
    and the rest in \home

    Is this ok?

    I enlarged the swap file from defualt, I was shooting for about 512 but i figured that was close enough, the new hard drive I have is probably faster than the memory in this computer

    still need sound, it says that it recognized the ctrystal sound chipset that was the same that XP recognised

    the trident Video it recognised

    I got mozilla firebird installed per say and put a shortcut on the desktop
    I finally figured out how to use unzip to extract a .zip file is there a graphical interface for this somewhere? like winrar or winzip? I am not to sure about using the ternimal window yet

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    on other thing, the mouse buttons are wrong, the thinkpad trackpoint has a three button setup. the third button is soppused to be a scroll and it is emulating the same function as the left mouse button, otherwise it functions normal

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    I still don't really understand why you are so bent on purchasing Linux. Why don't you just download it?

    It might be better if you had made your swap partition 512 MBs instead. The hashing algorithms are usually optimized for powers of two. On the other hand, your machine might not be swapping very much anyway, so the speed penalty is probably really small.

    Do you know if your release of Mandrake uses ALSA or OSS for sound?

    I believe that GNOME comes with a program called file-roller to serve your archiving needs. I haven't used it extensively, though, so I can't make any statements on its quality.

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    well I am not really bent on buying linux, its like when I bought the 8.1 disks from linux central. It cost me $3.99 for the distro already on disk. saved me nearly a weeks worth of downloading time for only $4. the disk actually got here before I would have completed the download.

    the sound controller is listed as "Cirrus CS4610/01 CrystallClear SoundFusion Audio"

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    ok I switched to the laptop... it says

    ALSA snd-cs46xx driver

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    also i have found a lot of reference to console commands and such however everything i try says no such file or directory. plus a configureation guide to edit xf86config-4 to get the trackpoint functionality correct but, what would i use to edit this...i tried using kedit but it will not save the changed options

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    Oh, I guess I see. Are you on dial-up? Then I can understand your intentions of buying it.

    What happens if you try to play a sound, like running "ps aux >/dev/dsp"? Do you get an error or does it appear to succeed, but it's just silent? If it appears to succeed, then maybe your mixer levels are all turned down. Use the aumix program to rectify it in that case.

    Can you give an example of what returns no such file or directory?
    As for the XF86Config-4, you won't be able to save it unless you're root. Start a terminal and run "su" to become root, then start a kedit (or other text editor) from that terminal and open XF86Config-4 in it.

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    ok I wasn't in root when I tried to edit it, will have to try that again

    I got an updated ALSA driver, but am not sure how to apply it

    at boot, is shows -

    Starting ALSA version 0.9.0rc2 (cs46xx) = OK
    Setting mixer settings aumix: error opening mixer = FAILED

    I found somewhere on ALSA website that the mixer is muted by default...however I think in my blundering I may have corrupted something, because I haven't installed the new driver profiles, I cant figure out how, but I was not getting any error at the boot sequence earlier

    oh yes, one more thing...after boot up in the harddrake it shows the soundcard as a cs4610 however the specs say the cs4239 is the main audio chipset, but it does show to have a cs4610 as well maybe to to the dvd ehanced video adapter that is also not working - the video graphics boost is as the video resolution has higher support than 1152x864, however the video out is not and the hardware is showing as a unknown device (at least i think that is it) also it is showing a 3780IDSP MWave device (whatever that is)

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