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    XP Pro & Mandrake 9 dual boot

    Please! Please! Help me XXX
    I'm looking for current info on dual booting XP Pro & Mandrake 9, the best way to do this/ what not to do...
    I will be building this new PC next weekend (specs:- Asus A7V8X, ATI 9700 Commando, AMD 2400+,80gb HD'WD', DVD'16xpioneer', CDRW'HP' + floppy etc...)
    I'm very confused as there really does not seem to be many consistent answers.

    1)I install XP 1st 'On a logical partition' (this i know) but on a NTSF or Fat32?, as the new Mandrake is different to previous releases.
    2) I have the newest version of PM, should I use this? or use Mandrake to resize partitions as it now has support for Linux file ext.
    3) I read and understand that I can install Linux on primary or logical partitions, is there any advantage to either way?
    Yes, a lot of these questions have been asked b4, but I do not seem to get a clear picture for my prefered install.
    It does not matter to me if XP/Linux can share files, I just want to get used to using Linux for now.
    I have also read that the iso images are harder to install from is there any truth in this?
    Thanx in advance for any time spent for helping me.

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    isos are just as easy to install from. How else do you plan on installing anyway? From floppy? If you use NTFS mandrake will have a tough time reading the files I think, I know RedHat can't read them at all, but you said this was not that big of an issue. If you haven't installed XP yet, install it second. Install linux first, set aside some room for XP, then install XP on the rest of the free space. You won't be able to boot linux right after you install XP (yeah, it takes over your MBR), but if you made a boot disk you are in good shape. Reboot into linux, back up your boot sector (as I described somewhere else on this forum with `dd if=/dev/hda of=/root/bootsect.dos bs=512 count=1`) and try to install grub/lilo see if you can get winXP to boot from those. Good luck
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    Here is what I did

    XP and Linux

    1. I got a copy of Partition Magic 7.0 (XP version) and created a linux partition with it. (It only allows ext2 but it worked) and then installed Mandrake 9.0 on it. Everything worked fine.

    2. If you want to play with Linux but don't want to ruin your XP partition, download PHAT Linux. It will boot on top of XP. It is a fairly simple installation. The configuration might give you a little trouble but I doubt it. :o

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    It's not too hard at all!

    1. Install Windows first by manually building a partition during setup (Leave the rest as free space). Once you've finished installing XP, reboot to CD and set up linux with the remaining free space. LILO or GRUB will recognise that you have multiple operating systems and will allow you to boot to both. Then you can have fun trying to configure your new linux box! Best of both worlds.

    Good luck (but you won't need it)


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