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Thread: n00b mistake...

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    n00b mistake...


    I wanted to try out linux, so a while ago I downloaded the SuSE linux 9.2 dvd version. I partitioned my hard drive for 50 gigs out of my main 200 gig drive, and I installed the linux ok. But unfortunately the partitions holding the linux was deleted, and every time I try to turn on my computer, it goes into GNU GRUB command and I have no idea what to do then, mainly because I've never seen it before. I did some researching on to what it was, but I can't figure out why it comes up when I no longer have a linux on my computer. I've tried reinstalling the linux by putting in the DVD and setting the formated partition as active, but it always goes into the GRUB. I don't know if it's possible to reinstal linux or to even go back into windows. So if any of this makes sense to any of you, I'd really appreciate it if you could help.

    If you're wondering as to why the linux partition was deleted in the first place, it was because the instillation froze while updates were being downloaded, so I restarted my computer. Then I found out that I couldn't log into linux because the instillation hadn't proceded far enough, so I tried to start over by deleting that partition, but I'm starting to figure that that was a really stupid idea/mistake, because I hadn't counted on not being able to start up windows, or even not being able to reinstall linux.

    So again, if there is any information as to how I can reinstal linux then I'd me most appreciative.

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    GRUB is installed on your harddrive's Master Boot Record (MBR), so no matter what you do to the partitions it will always stay there, unless you expressly remove it.

    To restore the MS Windows XP bootloader you can boot using your XP CDROM and go to a "Recovery Console" when it asks. Then type FIXMBR and reboot. If you want to reinstall Linux, actually reinstall it. Just setting the partition to active won't do it if there's something wrong with the partition. Linux partitions don't just delete themselves so I'm curious why yours suddenly stopped working.
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    Nice! It works! Thank you so much! It took me a little while, but I figured it out. Now it's currently reinstalling Linux, and it works just like it always used to.

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