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    Quote Originally Posted by dima_t
    Thanks for replies guys:
    to onlinebacon It's Toshiba Satellite 5205-s705. I found the one for $118 for this model on sparewarehouse...
    to drakebasher thanks, how can I boot from cd-rom using GRUB or LILO, I just do not know what should i do in GRUB so that it will boot from cd-rom?
    to jordower what does it mean "ghost"? (I kind of understand the meaning, but still) How to do that?

    Thanks a lot gentlemen
    Wow, eBay is a lot cheaper dude, a sigle slimline cd-rom should work ( even if it is not meant to for that laptop)

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    I figured it out. I randomly went to the bookstore and saw the solution there, which costed me $2.5 - a 10 floppy pack. I decided to check if usb-floppy going work and it DID!! I found a foppy-usb in the computer lab and had to bring a computer and external cd-rom there, as the floppy-drive is theft-proofed! Basically, I created 7 boot floppies on a different machine with suse. Now I am enjoying Linux even on this machine.

    Glad, the solution wasn't 118 dollar one.


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    Actually, now I have another question: is it possible to put another item into the GRUB boot menu, so that it will boot from the external CD-ROM if it is attached to the system?
    Thanks. Dima

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    The only thing I see that you would be able to boot would be a livecd.
    I don't think you could boot an installation cd of another OS from Grub.
    The livecd has a bootable kernel that you can get the name of.
    Whereas a installation cd, I don't see how you could get the name of the kernel.

    But I am not sure of any of this. These observations are based on my experience.
    If you want to learn more about linux take a linux journey
    Use CODE tags when posting output of commands. Thank you.

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    Thanks. I was trying, but it did not work out. Though I am so happy to have Linux now.

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