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    Type of Installation


    Iam using linux 7.3 OS.I used to work in all types of installlation of linux 7.3 (i.e) As Workstation,Server and in Custom mode of installation.

    Is there any command to find out the mode of installation after the installation work is over ?.

    Thanks in advance.


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    I assume you are talking about Red Hat's installation scheme (hence the linux 7.3). When you select server during the install, the Red Hat installer by default chooses most of the common server packages such as Samba, Apache, Squid etc. while choosing basic GUI, office and multimedia apps. However if you choose a workstation install, hardly any of the server packages will be installed except maybe for samba, but all or most of the office productivity and the majority of multimedia apps will be installed. In custom install, you can choose whichever package you want to install.

    From memory (I used Red Hat 7.3 a long time ago), you had to go to the RPM Manager and select/de-select which packages you want to install. But there is no command to find out what kind of installation was performed, you can only see what kind of packages were installed by going to the RPM manager.
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    Anyhow thanks for the immediate reply.


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    I am not sure what you mean by the mode of installation- text or graphical?- nayhow, you linux needs updating

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