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    Linux-friendly ISPs in NYC area

    Hi folks, I'm new to Linux, and just installed SuSE 8.2 Personal Edition on a system that I want to use for Internet access. Unfortunately both of my present ISPs, AOL and Compuserve, are not Linux friendly.

    I would like to know what ISPs are in my area that I can use with the default SuSE setup to get online. I'm using a standard dial-up setup. I saw a bunch of listed ISP services in the SuSE installation, but I have no idea where they are located. I live directly across New York City in North Bergen, NJ.

    So it would be great if anyone can tell me of any ISPs in my area, or any that may already be on the SuSE list that are in my area, that I can use with the default Suse setup.

    Thanks for any help with this.

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    look to old Ma bell, IE: southern bell, pacbell, southwest bell. they have excellent windows support, not much for linux but will give you DNS numbers and such if you need them. they use PPPoE for DSL and dynamic IPs but if you use a router you can get a psuedo static IP (that you can change by rebooting the router) and also with a router you can enter your PPPoE configuration a DNS info and anything connected can access by default with no configuration

    hope this helps

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    I have heard that AOL is doing strange things, but most other ISPs simply give you an IP connection. In that manner, they are technically speaking Linux-friendly, only that they might not give technical support for Linux.

    One thing, though: if you can, try to stay away from USB modems. Some ISPs will give you an ethernet modem instead if you ask them. Many USB modems aren't supported at all in Linux, and even if it would happen to be, you would save yourself a lot of aspirin by choosing an ethernet one instead.

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    Thanks, but...

    ... but I think the point was missed. I'm looking for an ISP who is Linux-friendly. I'm using a standard modem on COM1, I'm new to Linux, and so the simpler the ISP setup and the more support I get from them, the happier a camper I will be.

    I suppose I could take those replies as that there are no such animals, dunno.

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