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    Disk Boot Failure

    hey guys have a dual boot set up with XP and Fedora Core 2 over two hard drives:
    first disk has GRUB in the MBR, a recovery partiton and then the XP system partition
    Second disk has a partiton for file storage through windows and then the rest is for linux

    have been running for several days without a single prob, then the other day my mates drive was completly nakard and as he didnt have a windows 98 fdisk to format it i said i will plug it into my system so i can sort it out for him through partiton magic.

    so i unplugged the second drive with linux on it and plugged his in.
    powerd up and got the message "BOOT DISK FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" bollox i thought must be confused cos it cant find linux on the second drive, powerd down, plugged my second drive back in and powerd up again, same message again! AAARGH!! i pressed enter and thankfully it loaded grub and i was able to boot into linux and XP without problems!! however that message is still there everytime i boot the PC up!
    any ideas how i can get it to stop doing that? its not fatal or anything, just a bit anoying!

    have searched the forum but my prob seems to be taloured to me what with swapping drives and stuff


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    are you sure you have the correct hard drive booting first in your bios.
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    just checked, and yeah all is as it should be, the BIOS only has one hard drive listed anyway so its impossible to tell it to boot the second one!
    as i said it was all running fine till i plugged my mates in, didnt change any settings or anything :S

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