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    Partitions for multiple Linux Distros

    Can anybody please tell me the best way to format a 120Gb HD for multiple Linux Distros? I am still at the stage with Linux that I want to try as many as possible before I finally settle down with the one I like most. At the moment as it is the only OS on this PC I am just completely re-formatting the entire drive for the new install ( this also helps me to avoid falling into trouble with the Grub bootloader).
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated - I realise that this is a personal choice and so therefore would expect very different views on the subject.

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    A /home & swap partition you share between all distro's. Then +/- 5 GB (I would say 7 GB is better though, because of the space log files can take) for each distro.
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    So you have 1 OS on the machine that takes up the entire hard drive?
    You could Download Knoppix from and fire up qtparted and resize Suse to whatever you want.

    Personally I resized my 120 GB hd into a bunch of 13-14 GB partitions that all share the same swap.
    I use Suse grub to boot all of my distros. You can make a separate /home. I don't do this so I can't recommend a HOWTO.
    For more info on multi-booting, do a search for "multi-boot" on this site, look for my username, tons of info.
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    Help installing multiple distros in one drive

    Greetings to all:

    I'm new to the group and I will like to know how to install multiple distros in one drive. Example of what I will like to have:

    1) Win XP
    2) Suse Linux
    3) Fedorea 6
    4) Ubuntu
    5) Mepis
    6) other

    Curently I have a 120GB HD with 1GB of RAM.

    I will appreciate all the help that can be provided.

    Thanks in advance

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    check this thread !

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    Quote Originally Posted by devils_casper
    check this thread !

    Thanks for the help, appreciated.

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    Thanks for the help devils_casper, really appreciated.

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