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    As far as I'm concerned, Edit->Pref->Fonts will control only the fonts that are related on the Web browser meaning that it controls HTML and forms. I don't think it controls the actual menu bar fonts.
    As for the resolution, I'm using 1024x768 and haven't changed it at all.
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    I've gottent the idea that Edif->Pref->Fonts affects the UI as well, but I can't say that I'm sure.

    As for the resolution, I meant the DPI resolution. Sorry for being so unclear about that.
    However, I didn't really mean that you had changed it, I merely meant that your old font might just have been rendered at a single, preset, resolution, and now that you have a font that does scale properly to the screen resolution, it becomes that way if the screen resolution is incorrectly set. Or, it is the opposite - that the old font scaled properly and the new one doesn't. It's hard to say.

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