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    installing mandriva le 2005 grub error

    i installed debian linux about a month ago and i havent liked it very much.. it gave me too many headaches since NOTHING wanted to work with it, so i decided i'll go for a more user friendly distro, and so i downloaded mandriva linux le 2005.. i was at the partitioning part of the install and it gave me an error saying something about or .cl or something.. i cant remember it well.. but anyways, the error kept me from continuing the installation, so i kept on trrying different options, and i allways got the same error.. i just gave up and decided that i would just do the partitioning in windows. i looked for something that says cancel and i found none, so i just restarted. BIG MISTAKE! i cant boot up windows now because grub is still sitting there even though i removed debian in the install of mandriva but grub was left over. it gives error 15 everytime i try to boot up. i dont have my original windows cd, nor have i been able to find a tool to remove grub. so what should i do? how would i go about removing grub? thanks for any help..


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    alright nevermind... after getting my hands on a windows xp pro cd i managed to use the fixmbr command and now can boot windows.. i wish companies would just ship a cd with their computers... thanks if you at least read this...

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