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    Ok! Lets take a look at this. I am installing on a 1 gig drive so redhat 9.0 is out. The first thing is to decide what version to install. Also if I understand my options I only have to upgrade some of my system not reinstall the whole thing."as long as I stay with redhat" So what do I need to upgrade. Also can't I download the parts onto another harddrive and install from there. I have several options "maybe" I have another one gig I could do a full backup of the win98 on it and wipe then dowload what I need. Also I have a 850 meg. that I might be able to use for that. If I can get the install to read ntfs I have 5 gigs on my main drive.
    What do you advise.

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    I would advise that you reinstall it from scratch; it's probably by far the easiest, and I don't really trust that upgrade option.
    Maybe I could suggest RedHat 7.1. Of all RedHat versions that I know of, 7.1 is the most "efficient" one. It has fairly recent technology (not to be over-estimated, but it isn't the dark ages), comes on 2 CDs and can be installed in below 1 GB. Also, its version of GNOME isn't too CPU-expensive.

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    OK! I will check out 7.1 get back to you. one other thing do you know anything about cygwin. If I install that can I look at my disk with lynux on it. Nothing would help me more than seeing how my dir. are setup.

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    I don't think that Cygwin would accomplish that (although I don't know). The simplest solution is to download one of the programs for Windows for looking at ext2 partitions. I don't remember the names of any of the programs, but do a search on google and you're sure to find one.

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    Re: been there done that

    Quote Originally Posted by dvdljns
    Already tried loading linux with win2000 in machine ended up wiping win2000 harddrive. Will not attempt that again.
    I did the same thing on my XpBox, wiped it clean and lost everything, AND liked to have never figured out how to break linux partitions with nothing arounf the house but a windowse me bott floppy

    say no to dual boot, I say, use a romtec trios hard drive selector or install on separate machines.

    5.2 definately use it for the coaster you put your coffe cup on, I first tried with 7.2 and last time with 9.0 and the difference was amazing,,,,,like the difference between installing windows 95 and windows xp

    my laptop has been windows free for 3 weeks now, still working on a few bugs but for the most part, has been easier to adapt to then when i went to XP from ME

    honestly i can say the laptop performs better than it ever did, even when it had the original os with oem original drivers

    good luck!

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    Yep I gues I'm giving up on rh 5.2 but 9.0 is out for me. I want to install on a 1 gig hdd so that limits me to about 7.2. to install that I need to go from another hd. the boot.img for the floppy did not boot my machine so I am trying slackware if that don't work i'm through with linux. at least with microsoft will install. one of the things I hear about linux over windows is linux does not have the glutware. I don't see it. Take a look at the hdd space it takes to install 9.0. What really gets me is I only need a real basic system. I know that I could probly delete most of the stuff and still be fine. but unless you know a lot about linux you don't know what to do away with. If one of these linux guru's wanted to give linux a big boost they would go through there and put together a basic install. yep microsoft wins hands down over linux.

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