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    redhat installed. a few questions

    hi guys,

    well i finally installed redhat but i have a few questions.
    how do i run a .bin file?
    how do i run a .exe file?

    is linux faster than windowsxp pro?

    i cant connected to the redhat network.. why? says i cant register. so i log in a prev account. tells me i cant register that account. WTF?

    and umm.. anything thing else i should know. like a defragment tool if there is any.. or any useful applications etc.

    remember im only a newbie and i need your help!!

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    1 post only thanks... can some1 lock the other 1 the same as this.

    anyway, your questions.

    to run most programs (biniaries) u just type their name at a terminal

    to run windows exes u need to install wine.
    then run wine path_to_exe/prgram.exe

    for 95%of things linux is much faster than xp.

    anutilus (the gnome equivalent of explorer) is slightly slower, probably coz its got a whole lot of flashy graphics options.

    by redhat network do u mean their tech support thing? i think u can only use that if u got a retail version. eg. u bought a RH cd from the shop.

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    there is a command page at the link below, check it out.

    yes it is possible to run .exe's thru wine in red hat 9, but it is a severe pain in the %$@$^$

    no need to defrag, linux uses different file systems that are far superior to fat32 or ntfs.

    to get your updates you may need to create a new account and entitle it, For those of you who don't know, you do not need to buy red hat to get updates. You are able to use a 'demo' account that renews itself indefinitely as long as you complete this very quick and easy survey they send to your email every so often (not often). If you are using the same account as before, then delete or unentitle your previous red hat system from the list in the RHN and then entitle your new one. Then you should be good to go.


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    k how do i get whine. and how do i access the terminal screen

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    red hat network. you have to sign up so you can update your redhat system. but when i reach the rpivacy network nothing appears?

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    forget about rh network

    Forget about RH network updates. To use RH, you'll need to get the updated up2date client and some other stuff, and your guest subscription will shortly expire. Go to and get apt. Then use it to upgrade your packages and kernel.

    Im not by any means implying that RH Up2date is a bad thing, just saying that there is another way to get updates.

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    The thing is that RedHat's SSL certificate recently expired, so you'll need to upgrade your computer to use the new one. Get it from

    I think that I need to clarify a thing:
    Linux _cannot_ run Windows exe files. Wine is kind of a Windows "emulator" (not really an emulator, technically speaking, but close to one), which might make you able to run exe files, but it doesn't always work and shouldn't be relied on as a feasible option.

    Also, Linux doesn't require a defragmenation tool. Ext2/3 automatically does that all the time by optimizing the placement of new blocks.

    Linux is indeed faster than Windows for almost all things, but I don't consider that to be Linux's greatest strength. The greatest strength of Linux in my mind is its ability to enable you to do anything.

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    I actually feel that Linux is faster for server stuff. Mysql, apache these things are fast - even samba is more responsive on the same box than a win 2K server.

    However, open office, the file manager and mozilla, galeon, evolution are all slower than there microsoft counter parts. I'm talking about on the same machine in a dual boot scenario so for me it is definately true.

    However, I personally like the open source ethos and the freeness!

    but up till recently the good developers have focused on enterprise tools and software and now its time for the end user stuff to catch up.
    No trees were harmed during the creation of this message. Its made from a blend of elephant tusk and dolphin meat.

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    Yes indeed, Linux is faster than Windows. Of course, some GUI programs are slower, but:
    1. I don't really consider them part of the system. =)
    2. Microsoft has really cheated, so to speak. They have enabled secret syscalls that only their programs (like Internet Explorer) are using in order to gain extra speed by uglifying the system and preloading components at boot and stuff. A friend of mine even checked out the exported symbols of kernel32.dll one day and found some functions like "TinyHack" and such.

    In any case, what I wanted to say is that although Linux is technically superior than Windows' kernel in terms of performance and other things, I still consider the customizability the greatest thing with Linux. Of course, I value the freedom of free software high as well, but that and customizability are kind of entangled with each other. Without having the software free, it's hard to make it customizable.

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    oo microsoft sounds evil now. lol.

    anyone know how to open a terminal?

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