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    Gentoo KDE problems

    I have Gentoo Linux rc1.4 installed on my system.
    When I try to download packages using "emerge kde" this is what
    it tells me:

    Calculating dependencies |
    !!! problem in kde-base/kde dependancies
    !!! list index out of range

    Anyway have any ideas ?

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    emerge kdebase --pretend

    and see what it says

    maybe kdebase is corrupt. If you still don't have X yet, you might want to try:

    emerge -C kdebase

    (removes kdebase)

    then try again:

    emerge kdebase --pretend

    if all seems well:

    emerge kdebase

    and go from there.

    you do realize that if you emerge kde that you will get a ton of crap you might not use?

    see my gentoo linux guide on the link below for more details.

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    rm /var/cache/edb/virtuals && touch /var/cache/edb/virtuals

    That happens when that table becomes corrupt or the portage tree. If its the portage tree, you must rm -rf the tree then emerge sync again.

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