Dear All,

Below was my original post from yesterday. Bottom line is, I think that my (unsupported) NVIDIA GeForce MX440 is dying. Aside from the problems below, I get garbled characters often in text mode, and XP sometimes bluescreens on boot with the message, "nv4_disp: the device driver got stuck in an infinite loop".

So I can buy any video card I want (under $200, preferably around $100). A seperate mpeg gard with a ribbon cable directly into the video card would be a plus but not essential.

This is a dual boot box with XP and a newly installed RH Enterprise Workstation 4. I do not do heavy graphics/games, but I do need to start X and run java IDEs and do web services development.

Thanks in advance for your advice !


Purchased, downloaded ISO files and burnt discs for RH Enterprise Linux WS. Installation goes ahead until attempting to start X-mode, then all I see are stripes and an indistinct mouse cursor. Mouse buttons and kb don't have any effect, although I can move the mouse cursor.

Any ideas?

Hw is a homebuilt AMD Athlon 1.26 gHz, 1 gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce MX440. Device manager in XP shows no conflicts. Have an empty 30g partition ready and waiting for Linux.

This is my first post so apologies if I haven't worked the search engine as well as I might (lacking proper keywords).

Rob in NYC