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    Linux on a PDA: can it be done?

    A friend of mine showed me yesterday his new PDA (an IPAQ from HP). It looked really nice (the small pen with the touchscreen keyboard looked neat). Of course, it was running M$ Windows.

    I was wondering, is it possible to install Linux on a PDA? And before I buy anything, is there something I should keep in mind? Such as memory, ways in connecting to a computer or lan (NFS install?), etc...

    Any thoughts are welcome

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    Yes, I have heard of it being done on iPaqs, here is a link to the Familiar Project which aims to replace the windows on an ipaq with linux.

    the link says that it only works for certain models of ipaqs and some sharp pda's. Also keep in mind that by installing linux on a pda, you might be voiding the manufacturer's warranty so be sure to check that out before buying one. As for memory make sure it has SD/MMC expansion, usb data cable bluetooth etc. wifi may be a bit much at this moment but, its your money.

    hope this helps.
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