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    Problem with installing Linux on a new HP...

    Hey, I have used Linux a couple of times on my old computer(355Mhz Pros. and 128 Ram ) and it is too slow for my liking. I bought a new Name Brand computer from HP, that i won't do again. I think that the motherboard in it only lets it run "safe" or "Micro$oft Verified" software. I have tried 3 differnt Linuxs on it: Protosoft, Fedora Core 1, and Mandrake 10.1(I think the CD was messed up.) Do you know what the problem could be? I really want to run Linux with WINE on my computer. I am also preparing to try Ubuntu, it looks really nice.

    P.S. If you don't know what's wrong maybe a little advice with some good Linux resources, and if you do know what my problem is and have a solution: THANK YOU!

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    what exactly does it say when you try to boot from the install disk?
    or does it boot straight into windows?
    if it boots windows make sure that the bios is set to boot from cdrom first
    also if you downloaded the disks did you do a checksum?
    (and if you're going to use fedora, dont use fedora 1, go with either 3 or 4)

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    You may just be a victim of treacherous computing and there's nothing you can do about it but build a machine from scratch.

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    Yeah... That's what I thought. I actually installed one of them and it worked, but when it booted into Linux it got far into the slpash screen then it just goes blank. I have dial-up so it is really hard for my to download Linux... I donloaded Mandrake and that's why it could be messed up. It took me a couple of weeks to fully download it. SO would so suggest trying accouple versions of Linux and see if i can find my way around this?

    P.S. Jordworer: Usually it is still on the DOS screen loading the Visual Interface then it freezes. And I like Fedora, btu I just don't have the time to download it. Man, I wish they would offer us DSL... We are nto that far over the limit for the cable center.

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    Actually Ubuntu sends you free CDs so I guess I will try it out since I was recommended it, but do you know of a specific Linux that can work around what HP did to stop "unsafe" software to run on it?

    Ubuntu is completly free... I mean I could understand charging for S & H, but they even pay that to. It's a COMPLETLY free OS.
    Infromation about Ubuntu:


    Get the free CDs:

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    strange hp even offer linux as a option on some systems

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    HP is a big OSS supporter... Why do you think Linux users recommend buying a HP printer? It has a good open source policy AFAIK, and is a strong contributor. And as a server OS, Linux is on par with Windows Server etc. For years.
    Debian Jessie x86_64 & armhf :: LibreELEC is the solution for your Linux-based HTPC setups.

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    Awesome! That's great I kind was of getting down in the dumps. Now I know I have more of a chance. I guess I will try some more Distros and see how they turn out. If that's not the problem I really don't know what is, I mean after trying so many you think one would have worked by now. I'm stomped.

    P.S. Does anyone know if Winmodems work with Linux using WINE?

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    Wine doesn't handle drivers. But ndiswrapper doesn't handle network drivers originally from Windows, but sadly is not free.

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