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    install 2nd harddisc as storage or boot drive?

    I have Suse GNU Linux 9.2 installed on the master HDD and have put in a second internal HDD. I want to install Windows 2000 on it and not overwrite Linux. Not sure, should the second HDD should be installed as a new boot drive or as additional storage? Putting each OS on its own HDD is the best way, right?

    The harddrive install CD is asking for install method. The master harddrive has 1 GB empty space at the front and all the rest is Suse.

    Since I have the 1 GB at the beginning of HDD1, does that mean I won't have the MBR problem I've been reading about?

    Really appreciate the help.

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    Make the drive that will have windowz the master and the old one the slave. Don't forget to update your grub.conf/lilo.conf.

    Ionno about 2000. but XP wipes the MBR of the drive it's on when installed, so you will have to reinstall GRUB or LILO to the MBR of the master drive from System Rescue CD (see signiture). How to install GRUB.

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    There are 2 controllers on this board.
    The motherboard controller currently has Linux as primary master. Primary slave, secondary master, and secondary slave are open.

    Then there is a SATA controller as well, that's the new harddrive, not yet partitioned.

    Doesn't that mean the system will end up with TWO masters and TWO slaves? Therefore, changing Linux to slave would not be necessary? It's all very confusing.

    If not, could you explain how to change Linux to slave. First I need to finish installing the new HDD and it needs to know if it should be a new boot drive or storage. Should be new boot drive, right???

    Suse Linux has grub and 2000 does wipe it. Thanks for the links.

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