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Thread: Hardware Help

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    Hardware Help

    this is my first time to use linux. i am running redhat9. i wanted to know how can i acess my old harddrive on linux, it is fat32 and its secondary master. i also want to know how much space i have left in my account because i don't know which partition it is in... thanks in advance

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    hmm secondary master -> /dev/hdc would suffice here
    Are there partitions on the disk?
    You can try this for now "mount -t vfat /dev/hdc /mnt" If you get no errors, then you now that it's working correctly. I can also show you an easier way to do this by adding an entry to /etc/fstab.
    When you refer to "space," is this referring to the space on the Linux account? You can always use "quota -v" to find that info out if that's the case.
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    You might want to try "mount -t vfat /dev/hdc1 /mnt". Most likely, your hard drive has a partition table but just a single partition.
    Do you have quotas set up in Linux, or do you just want to know how much space is left on the partition? The df command will show you how much is left on all mounted partitions. If you have quotas enabled, use the command that bpark gave you.

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    what is the exact partitioning scheme?

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