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    is this a drive or not

    this sounds pretty stupid but i cant tell whether this is a drive or some kind of kit for a drive. Cus it says retail kit. From all of the reading it looks like a drive but still it is pretty cheap. here it is thanks guys

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    Yes it is. I think Hitachi bought this product line from IBM. This was probably previously known as an IBM "DeathStar" Maybe someone can tell me if I am wrong. I would go with a different brand. Just my .02.

    (try ?)

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    i tried newegg. I need a drive soon so i want a cheap one. This one looked good enough for me. Newegg had it to but they didnt have such a good rebate. Why wouldnt u get this one?

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    A retail kit is just a drive boxed with screws, install instructions, possibly cables.. I'd go with a WD however.
    200mhz Pentium 1 with MMX, 128mb RAM, 10gb Seagate HDD. Beastly.

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    Well, If I am correct, and this is one of the deathstar family of drives, under IBM they failed all the time. So bad that there was a class action lawsuit. I would spend a few extra beans and go Western Digital or Maxtor etc.

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    how do i find out what kind of drive my comp can use. My comp is about three years old. It is an hp pavillion 7935. That one on the link i posted said "ultra D.M.A" this one that i thought was the same says ata 2.

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    I think that this PC came with a Samsung 40 GB ata 100 7200 RPM drive.
    So you need an ATA 100, no need for an ATA 133.

    So if you see Ultra ATA 100 your good. Dont need ATAII or ATA150 those wont work.

    Examples of types that would work:

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    i asked the geek squad guy at best buy what the difference was between ata and dma. He said they are the same. So i could get an ultra dma 100 with my computer right?

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    He is correct they're the same so yes you can use the UDMA (ATA) 100 drive.

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