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    Which version of linux?

    Hi im new to linux, just wondered if any one could offer me advice upon which version of linux i should opt for. i.e Red hat or mandrake etc.

    Also could u specify a url where it can be downloaded from...


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    it really depends on what you are going to set the computer to do. i have downloaded both the latest of Red Hat and Madrake.
    I would advise you to download Mandrake, as it is very easy to install first, so is Red Hat, but it set alot of things automatically, such as the server... also it is nice, but so is Red Hat.

    Just flip a coin

    you can download both from their websites

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    Red hat is good but Mandrake is Best!!!!!!!!

    it all depends on ur taste.
    Some pepal like REd Hat others like Mandrake.

    i have worked on both and like Mandrake in particular. It configures more of the things itself and i feel is more appealing than REd hat.

    but in the end it all depends on ur taste.

    search in google for downloads and u'll have lot of options to download from.


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    Debian and Slackware are other good choices. Debian has probably the best updateable installation, and slackware has probably the most unix-like distribution. RedHat is most supported, and Mandrake is most user-friendly. That is about all I have to say about any of them. I use LFS since it is most configurable, and I need to always have something done to make it "better"
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    I "grew up" on Slackware, so that is my preference.
    We use Red Hat at my formal job, I cannot complain.

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    slackware if you're interested in setting up a server

    redhat if you want a good client, or would like a somewhat windows-like linux distro. It's also easier to find precompiled binaries for redhat, if you don't want to compile apps for yourself.

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    I suggest that you get a distribution that will make you learn linux. All those gui's are nice and everything but what happens when you don't have one? Then you are not going to know what to do. I found that doing everything manually first then use gui's to do administration later is the best way to learn.

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    A great place to see a large list of distro's available and where to DL them is:

    Have fun!


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    Just to confuse the issue a little more, I would like to add SuSE to the list.
    The 8.1 version can be acquired through FTP install.
    I really liked SuSE 8.0, and have done the 8.1 FTP install on a test PC at work. I'm running RH 8.0 here at home, but it may be replaced with SuSE 8.1 soon!

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