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    USB Problem with ABIT AT7 and Red Hat 9

    Hello, I'm new here, and very stuck (and frustrated) with a Red Hat 9 installation problem.

    I've got a ABIT AT7 motherboard, which is one of those clever "legacy free" ones. This means I don't have a PS/2 keyboard or mouse port on the machine.

    Ok, I've got some spare time between jobs, and would like to finally have a go with a Linux based system. I have chosen Red Hat 9 as I already had the ISOs, and am only on a narrowband connection at the moment.

    My problem is.....

    When I boot from the cd, and the installation programs begin to start (pressing just enter at the prompt to decide what version to install), I am offered the choice to verify my CD. At this point I should simply press space and the whole thing should kick off.

    However, during the preceeding bit of loading (where the hard disks are recognised etc etc and the text scrolls up the screen) my USB mouse and keyboard switch themselves off, and lose power (ie all lights off, not repsonding).

    So I can't do anything other than reset the machine, and no matter what BIOS changes I've made the same problem still remains (I'm not clueless with computers, just never used Linux before) (properly).

    So, oh clever linux people, how to I get round this?

    There's must be something that happens during the loading process (after I have pressed enter to the prompt, on my working keyboard) that switches off my USB capability (none of the 12 usb slots work). But I have no idea where to start, and all my poking around has achieved nothing.

    Please're my only hope..........

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    It would seem that RedHat has compiled their installation kernel without USB support. That does indeed seem very stupid, but I can't interpret it any other way.

    If that is so, then there isn't really much we can do from here. I suggest that you send a mail to RedHat and see if they can acknowledge this situation, and if so provide you with a boot disk that contains a USB-enabled kernel.

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    Thank you

    Thank you very much for your help.

    I'll email Red Hat, and see what they say (and if it's worth it I'll post their reply back here to help others)


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