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    a coulple of questions about log-ons!


    I just installed RH9(gnome) and i opted for a text login.

    during the installation i didn't come across anywhere where i should have entered my user name....all that was asked for was my root when i get to the text login...i have to use the user name 'root' to log in and my home folder is 'root's home' this is not wat i want .....can anyone plz tell me how to change this so i don't log in as root? (its also not good for security reasons).

    also when gnome starts up i get an error something along the lines of....

    gnome could not log in this could be fixed by putting entering it in /etc/hosts then i have the options "try again" or log in "anyway"....(or something).

    I'm on a university this has probably got something to do
    with internet still works.

    also when i log in at the text login (as root at the moment!) i get teh following [root@tcwer1 root]# why is it @tcwer1 ?? this is by monash university username ???? i didn't enter it anywhere duing teh installation......can i remove it??? or change it....and how would i do this?

    cheers! .....any help/suggestions much appreciated...

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    Add a user with the useradd command, and then set the password with passwd, something like this:
    useradd -mg users stagnant7
    passwd stagnant7
    As for the GNOME and DNS problem, it seems to be because the DHCP client sets your hostname. Did you give the system a proper hostname (proper=not localhost or localhost.localdomain) when you installed RH? If not, enter one by adding HOSTNAME=whatever to /etc/sysconfig/network.

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