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Thread: Grub... Sucks

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    Grub... Sucks

    Ok, so there i was right...

    On my one drive, i have XP Pro installed, on my 2nd and 3rd Hdd, i have data backed up, i then manage to get me a fresh copy of Fedora 3, which i happily install on a 4th drive, unplugging the 3rd drive 1st, Grub... then decides to take over and setup the dual boot process, cool, install goes all dandy... I then realise that i need data of my 3rd drive, so I unplug the Hdd with fedora on, only to find that, that cant happen, you have to have the fedora HDD in at all times, crap i know, and i cant unplug my 2nd HDD because all my apps are installed there... So now I have to unplug my DVD-RW so that i can plug my 3rd HDD in and get data...

    So any suggestions or ways to combat this in the future, I tell you why...

    On my 2nd PC, my main rig, I have 5 HDD 2 running of a controller card, and i would like to put Linux on a 6th HDD without having GRUB run the show

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    on the second setup, install the linux distro but don't install a boot loader, use a floppy as the boot disk when you want to use linux....

    so solve your first setup problem, maybe it has something to do with your active partition, but i have never had that problem, so i am not sure... i am sure someone here knows the answer to your problem though.

    I would like to know that fix myself.

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