Any help in this issue would be appreciated:

1. The quota of the user should not supercede the quota for the group owned directory on the server through samba. The two quotas should be distinct.

Target/current completed scenario.
A. useraccount1 has a quota of 5 MB
B. the "public" directory owned by the "staff" group has a quota of 10 MB.
C. useraccount1 is a member of the "staff" group.
D. useraccount1 should be able to upload only 5MB to his/her home directory only and up to 10 MB into the directory owned by "staff".

1. useraccount1 can upload only up to their quota of 5MB across all the shares.
2. once useraccount1 exceeds their 5MB limit on their home or "public" directory useraccount1 can not upload anything further even though the public directory has a 10MB limit.