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    By the way, how can I check to see if my BIOS is set to LBA, and how can i set it?

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    How can I create an MS-DOS boot disk on Linux? Is it possible?

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    I tried using fdisk to set the first partition ( the windows partition ) active but it still didnt work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draco
    How can I create an MS-DOS boot disk on Linux? Is it possible?
    You can download an image from bootdiskThough I think most are Win32 executables rather than images. May have some luck under wine...

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    Yeah, neither wine nor cedega worked. But my friend got me a Windows 95 boot disk which had fdisk on it. I tried setting Windows partition to active, but it didn't work.

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    I figured out that the normal System Restore on my recovery discs only restored the files the the Windows partition. It didn't install Windows XP, only the factory installed applications. This mean that I would need to do a Full System Restore, which reformats my entire hard drive to what it was at the factory, to get Windows XP installed. I would do this, if I had a free NTFS partition resizer. Do these exist?

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