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    uninstalling mandrake linux 9.1

    I've grown tired of mandrake linux and I want it to disappear from my computer!

    But, unfortunately, I can't just erase all the data from my disc, since I also run win2000 and winxp on separate partitions. LILO has been installed in the first sector of the drive (/hda) and I've read in the manual that, to get rid of it, I have to erase all my hard disk and the MBR (with fdisk/mbr). That isn't acceptable, since I also run windows and especially don't run (or like) DOS so the fdisk command is not accessible (and I don't want to install dos either!).

    Can anyone suggest an uninstall that will keep the data in the other partitions, get me rid of LILO and linux?

    Thanks A LOT!

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    You should add gentoo to your poll. Anyway just boot with a winxp cd into recovery console then run fixmbr which will put nt loader back on. Once you are back in windows, you can just use fdisk to remove the linux partitionts and create ntfs onces or use something like partition magic to resize your current ones.

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    get suse its great for manageing hdd space. pop the instal cd in the drive and it will detect that you allready have a linux instalation installed, select new instalation and veiw its suggestion for the partitioning. it may suggest repartitioning but you can simply tell it to use existing linux partitions for the install. if you want to preserve the data in your home dir then select the /home partition and choose "do not format" it should also add a mount point for your windows installation without damageing that part of the disk at all. it will also replace lilo with grub as grub is suse's current faveourite bootloader i think.

    but yeah you should have included a few other distros in your poll!

    debian, slackware etc

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