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Thread: Redhat 6 to 9.

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    Redhat 6 to 9.


    I have read somehwere I think that you can only upgrade from rh 6.2 to 9.

    I am currently running 6, but want to upgrade to 9 and have downloaded the 3 iso's.

    I have created the boot disk and started it up.

    When it asks where I'm installing from, I choose /dev/hda6 and then put the directory /home/rh9 in. Seen as that is the directory. I then get an error saying it cant find it.....

    Will this method of upgrade not work or am I doing something wrong or is there a way that I can install from cdrom or will the iso's not work....


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    Where are you putting /home/rh9? What is it asking for?

    This method should work, but it might work bad on highly customized system, especially if you have even once installed something with --nodeps or the like. If you have customized your system beyond what the packages assume, you might end up with a bad result.

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    Right I got it working....

    Like a donkey I put the /home in front of /rh9 (the directory I created and stored the iso's).

    There is no data stored on the system at all other that the iso's as I only installed redhat6 last night.

    I have an error now tho when I go through setup. Something to do with the packages not being upgraded because of a database error and then it reboots.

    Is there anyway of converting an iso into a disk image or should I boot up using a dos floppy and try the whole thing again from scratch....

    I just thought it would be easier upgrading if an o/s was installed.

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    If you have nothing valuable on the system, it is probably much, much easier to reinstall RH9 from scratch. I've never really trusted that upgrade option.

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    Right, I think I have figured it....

    I booted up off the floppy I created and then re-created the new partitions but left the one that held the iso images.

    Hopefully when everythings installed I might be able to delete the partition and re-use the space...

    Atm its installing the packages, so it's got a lot further than I expected...



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    install RH9

    Wait a minute, you have the 3 iso's in the home directory, buty you must transform these file in three functional CD's

    use K3B for that, or may be Nero, but K3B works great, just you need to click over the iso file an K3B begins to run and you must begin to burn a new cd with every file, the first CD is Bootable and with this CD you may install 9.0

    A few weeks ago I tryed to 'upgrade' 6.0 to 8.0 but RH8.0 refuse to doit because of reasons you mentioned

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