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Thread: Mandrake 9.2

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    Mandrake 9.2

    Hi, i have just installed this, after hearing it supports the Speedtouch modem from standard, so i go to configure it and it asks for mgmt.o i click do later, so i get mgmt.o, put it in /usr/share/speedtouch

    reboot then go to configure my computer / internet, fill in my username and password for the connection, but it wont conncect? is there a way to check if the modems isntalled properly.

    After puttinh mgmt.o into the folder am i supposed to run any commands? also in the username/password box it sais isp name?? can i just input BT, or does it have to be ?

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    im pretty sure mgmt.o would be a kernel module (driver). therefore u need to pu tit in /lib/modules/kernel/ (i would put it in the drivers dir of this but it doent really matter)

    Im not sure if u need to set up anything else to run kernel modules, but i'll assuem u dont
    type modprobe mgmt

    it wont connect bcoz u have put the driver in the wrong place so it effectively has no driver

    isp name is really only for ur convenience (ie trying ot load connections from command line) just put whatever u can remember in there.

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    no thats wher you are instructed to put it by the install, anyway i did another fresh install and it took my mgmt.o ok, but now it just sais connection failed :P

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    are u on dialup or dsl?

    im guessing dial by ur modem, check that /dev/modem exists and that it points to /dev/(guess)ttyS0. if it doesnt, make sure than when runnign config program u set it to the serial port the modem is plugged in to.

    Im not sure abotu the autodetect thing coz ive never had a modem that it could detect, but if it keeps messing up try turning detect off and expert on, then set it up manually.

    What do u mena it says connection failed, does the modem dial first then fail durign pw checks or does it not even dial.

    If its the same as my almsot 9.2 (thru upgrades) install, u need kppp installed for it to work.

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    Try to put mgmt.o in /usr/share/speedtouch
    I've got no problem with Mandrake 9.0 and 9.1 ...

    Try also tu run "pppd call adsl" if connection fails

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    yes, it doesnt connect on boot, then when u go to Configure my computer/networking, it sais in there"Checking COnnection...." then after about a minute, it goes to Not Connected.... I dont get any errors like password fialed or anything, it just sais "Not Connected" Then you click the connect button, and it doesnt do a thing :P

    + That is the only way i know how to run the connection :P

    Im sure i set it to dial on boot, but i canot see it connecting at startup :S mgmt.o is in usr/share/speedtouch already :S

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    Speedtouch modem btw

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    ok, its adsl, thats helps. do u have pppoe installed

    rpm -qa|grep -i ppp
    to check

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    shoudlnt it have auto installed, seen as it installed the adsl modem for me?

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    i got this:


    Is there another way to dial the connection other than the "Configure my computer"

    and how do i set it to connect on bootup, cos the wizard doesnt give me that option

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