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    Mandrake Linux 10.1 Installation

    I just bought MANDRAKELINUX 10.1: The Ultimate Linux Desktop
    Its a dvd (PC DVD-ROM)
    I inserted it to install and after I pressed enter to install I got
    Error: No CDRom device found
    Please insert the additional driver floppy
    There is no detected floppy drive
    Which driver should I try to gain SCSI access?
    (and a LOT MORE)
    (If I choose one I get)
    Please enter the parameters to give to the kernel:

    so what driver should I choose and what should I write in the parameter???
    (I have a cdrom, dvdrom)
    (I already have winxp which I want to keep)


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    Just taking a shot in the dark here, but maybe what's going on is that you are placing the dvd into your dvdrom, but your Bios is set to boot the cdrom as the first boot device, consequently it's not, "seeing" the install disk. If your Bios doesn't have the option of choosing the dvdrom as the first boot device, you may have to go inside and swap the cdrom and the dvdrom around so your Bios finds the dvdrom as the first boot device instead of the cdrom.
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    Don't know if it will work for you but some users have reported success in booting after turning off acpi either in their BIOS, or at CD boot with "linux acpi=off".

    It's worth a try...

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