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    The drive is only a few years old. I have used it time and time again for various Linux installs when my primary drive was too small to accomodate multiple OSes. My 80GB is sufficient to allow me to keep a working Slack install on there all the time in addition to XP Pro. The 30GB has been wiped time and time again and has had Red Hat, FreeBSD, and SuSe on it, working. I have used Partition Magic many times to set up partitions for Linux installs. I guess something in the Debian install just wrote somewhere the hard drive didn't like.

    I am now using GRUB from my Slack install disk to access the Debian install on the 30GB and things seem to be going along just fine. So, I'm not sure preciesly what went wrong. Nothing in the Debian install indicated a problem until I rebooted and it just couldn't find the drive anymore, except when it would come up under BIOS as 0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0-0. A very strange occurrence indeed.

    Given the number of times I have wiped and installed OSes on this drive, I gueass it was only a matter of time before one of them went awry. I use it principally to evaluate other distros and occasionally to confirm that I like Linux better than BSD. Nothing, so far, has impressed me enough to stop using Slackware. We'll see how Debian fres after a couple of weeks.


    Edit: Ugh, I'm a non-speller today.

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    just a guess at what cuased this to start with. did u plug the drives back onto the correct ide cables. ie master at end and slave in middle of cable. also check ur jumpers

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