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    98/XP/SuSE with GRUB

    I am trying to triple boot: Win98, WinXP, and SuSE Linux 9.3. I've done this before (a while ago) with XP and SuSE 9.1, but I forgot what I did. I am using GRUB as my booter. Linux partitions boot fine. Neither WinXP nor Win98 will boot however.

    I installed in this order: 98, XP, SuSE. After I installed 98 and XP, it was using the Windows boot manager to bring up the OS selection window for me. When I installed SuSE, I got the GRUB boot manager. If I would select the Win98 partition with GRUB, it would shoot me to the Windows boot manager to select between 98/XP. I didn't want to go through 2 selections. I went and deleted the contents of C:/boot.ini... but now neither Windows partitions will work. If I try Win98 now, it tells me of some corrupt file (due to me deleting the contents of boot.ini), and WinXP will just hang there, displaying the GRUB config file.

    I have 1 hard drive. My linux partition manager tells me it is set up as such: Win98 = hda2, WinXP = hda3. My GRUB config file for the Windows partitions looks like this:

    title Win98
    unhide (hd0,1)
    hide (hd0,2)
    rootnoverify (hd0,1)
    chainloader +1
    title WinXP
    unhide (hd0,2)
    hide (hd0,1)
    rootnoverify (hd0,2)
    chainloader +1
    I've tried following this link, using the same configurations, with no luck.. Any ideas? Thanks a lot.

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    give me your email address and i will send you a boot.ini file. Copy it to a floppy and use win 98 cd to boot in dos mode. there you can copy this file in c:\ and voila the problem is fixed!! and after you succeed i will tell you a way that will allow you to choose all three os'es from 1 screen! good luck

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    Sounds good.

    pacothegr8 AT hotmail DOT com

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    Waiting :P

    Couldn't you just post your boot.ini contents and your GRUB config file settings here, please? Or does someone else have any advice? Thanks.

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    Gosh, I have a similar situation to a point. Here it is....

    I have a triple boot system installed. One HD, Win98 1st on it's own partition, XP Pro next on it's own partition and Ubunto third on it's partition(s). Everything has gone fine on all the install's. After 98 and XP were installed, the MS dual boot sytem worked fine. Then I installed Ubunto and it properly saw the partitions and left the windows partitions as they were and installed itself on it's own partition. On reboot, it displays one line saying Lilo 22.6.1 Loading Linux......

    There is no option to choose between linux or the Windows OS, which is what I wanted. Any help?

    I have Linux in a dual boot configuration on three other systems in the house, but they are using Grub. For whatever reason Grub did not want to install anywhere but the MBR, despite my attempts otherwise.

    I did this same attempt one other time in the recent past and installed Grub on the MBR, which lost me the ability to boot into XP - it would see it, but would get an error trying to boot XP. Win98 worked fine, but not XP. Having said that, I seemed to remember reading somewhere that you shouldn't install Lilo or Grub in the MBR. On the other dual boot systems in the house, Grub just installed itself with no issues what-so-ever. Is triple boot different in some way?

    Knowing I'm a linux newbie of sorts, I can presume I made a mistake somewhere installing GRUB this time, but it did work fine on the other dual systems. That's water under the bridge I guess. I have LILO and need help on fixing it.


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