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    Username on installation

    I am trying to install Red Hat Linux 9. The OS has installed but at no point during the installation proccess was I given the oportunity to set a User name. Yet when I try to boot into Linux it demands a Username and will nt let me proceed without one. Can anybody tell me what I am supposed to do?



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    I've heard that a lot lately, that RH9 wouldn't offer you to set up a user. It would seem that RH would have let a bug sneak into the installation script. For now, log in with username 'root', and the root password that you chose during the installation. Then, once in, create a user account for yourself. If you're logging in graphically, there should be some GUI stuff to do that; if you log into a text mode terminal, run this:
    useradd -g users <username>
    passwd <username>
    Replace <username> with the actual username that you want. The passwd command will let you set the password.

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    actually with red hat 9, if memory serves correctly (and other various distros) it runs something called "firstboot" that allows you to add a user there and set up many things with your system.

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    Okay I did it by using the boot disk. It mucks about at first but after a while it seems to keep the username you have chosen. Thanks chaps.

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    i am running red hat 9 and i have reformated several times and eveytime it asks me for a name this is ofcourse after the install is complete and like dolda said the "firstboot" is activated (durring install it does ask for a root PW but i thnik all distros do that)

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