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    redhat first run problem


    i have just tried ot install on my system a copy of redhat 6.0 which i have had for a few years. i have 2 hard drives, a 40gb one and a 30gb one. after repartitioning about 5 times and installing redhat countless more, i have finally got everything to install without problems and have got lilo working. i dont know about newer versions but lal that stuff about redhat being good for newbies and first itme computer users is a load of crap. i had to spend 2 days re partitioning my harddrives and changing boot managers to finally get it to install, show me one computer illiterate person who is capable and willing to do that.

    anyway, enough rambling. i now have a 30gb partition on my first drive with xp, the rest is free, the second drive has i beleive a 70mb swap partition and a 8gb native partition. the rest is free. now finally after getting that all instaleld whenever i try and actualyl boot linux it comes up with a message saying something liek "kernel panic: cant mount host: cant read host fs" or something. basically i gather its saying it cant read the file system of the host partition IT JUST FORMATTED 5 MINUTES AGO. i would appreciaite any help since i really would liek to get it working.


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    Do you know what filesystem you formatted your root partition to? It looks like you don't have support for that filesystem in your kernel (I've done that before, well as leave out support for my chipset ). If that's the case, then you'll have to use the CD to boot, compile a new kernel and copy it over to your harddrive.
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    Sounds from your description you have ntfs for your xp which RH 6 can't read. Newer versions with adaptations can read ntfs. Thats why I only use fat32 for dual boot machines. Future versions of the kernel will resolve this issue but for now fat32 is the easiest way to go. RH 6 is good but if you have a broadband connection I'd suggest you download the 3 iso files and burn them for RH 9. You'll have less problems with it. Still problems but less.

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    why are you useing such an OLD version of redhat? if anything, I suggest you grab the latest version (9.0) and try that out. it is far more likely to work with your hardware than 6.. I remember installing that about 4 or 5 years ago when it was fresh on the FTP servers.

    if I remember correctly, you can recompille the kernel that came with redhat 6 and add support for NTFS, however, only readonly. which is the case with even the most modern kernels, even 2.6.0 will only have readonly support.

    anyway. good luck geting that to work properly!

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    the exact error i get is

    VFS: cannot open root device 00:34
    Kernel panic: VFS: unable to mount root fs on 00:34

    i cant really get a newer version at the moment because i have a 33.6k dial up connection and a 500mb download limit per month.

    i am using FAT32 for the winxp partition not ntfs.

    i dotn suppose anyone would be willing to explain this whole recompiling the kernel thing to me?

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    the install only has 4 options for what u can install as a filesystem, linux swap, linux native and 2 old msdos ones. my root partition is formatted to native

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    Are you shure lilo get cunfigured the right way?
    I think Redhat (even the old ones) have have some sort of rescuedisk that you can use to boot off without a bootmanager at the cdrom.

    And then, post the lilo config here

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    the install only makes one boot disk, to make the rescue disk u need to do that in linux so i cant, and lilo configures itself on a custom install you just change the name of the os's and which is the default one. on a workstation install lilo just sets up itself and doesnt let you even know its happening.

    the install runs fine without a problem at any stage, howveer i tried something new, i got partition magic and found out that older versions of disk druid and fdisk corrupt the partition table and make them unreadble to any other os or program. so this time a created the partitions in partition magic beforehand and re installed it without ever using disk druid or fdisk, but i still got the exact same error. on the other hand, i tried taking my first harddrive out so just my second one was connected. i formatted it and started a fresh linux install both with a custom install and then i tried it with a workstation install which does it all automatically. both times when i tried to reboot lilo came up to boot into linux automatically sicne it was my only os cause i had taken teh other drive out and as soon as it tried to boot my screen started filling up with millions of "01"s one after naother which just kept going. when i tried to start using the linux boot disk instead of taht it came up with "error 0x10" i belive.

    any idea whats going on? lol

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    I am going to guess that you have a late model computer because you are runing Winblows XP
    and in it you have two HDs. I think you are trying to load RH6 on to the second drive?
    First the drive must be formated as a FAT 32, RH6 has no idea about NT format. I do not
    know where you get the idea that fdisk or disk druid corrupt the partition tables, they are the
    software that make FAT tables if you formatted the drive as a FAT 32.

    The swap file must, at a minimum, be twice the size of the system's memory.
    RH6 is not going to have the drivers for your late model system stuff, like the CPU!

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but RH6 is from the pentium III era.

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    one: linux doesn't use FAT32 natively... most linux systems are ext2, ext3, reiserfs, xfs, jfs, etc.

    two: there is no CPU drivers that i know of... the CPU selection in the kernel compile is for optimizations and CPU-specific asm commands.. afaik, all CPUs are backwards compatible... the RH6 kernel was built for a 486... so that it would run on *all* possible chipsets except for 386...

    i don't know what his problem is or how to fix it... but i do know that you made some incorrect assumptions about RH6 and linux in general...

    anyways, my advice to ivant: if you have a broadband connection and can somehow connect to the internet, you could try a later version of RH... or another distro, if you aren't happy with your RH experience... if not, try a completely custom install... and select "VESA" or "VGA" as your video driver, unless your card is specifically listed in the list.. same goes with your monitor, etc.. if you have the manuals to all of your hardware, it would be good to have them on hand to retrieve the specs for your system from them.. and there is a howto on this site on how to use the Windows bootloader to dual-boot instead of lilo.. ergo, you can forsake the lilo install if you wish...
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