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    How does one get ones cd writer to work :(


    I have a lite-on cd writer and I wanted to try an create a boot / install cd as the floppies I keep using keep throwing out errors. I have mounted the shrike-i386-disk1.iso and have created the iso file as it states in the redhat instructions. The problem is now, I can't get my cd writer to work.

    I have put a blank cd in and and have added it to the gnome cdwriter software that is installed. I don't know tho, what the device file should be ??? and how I set it up. I think it should be ATA something as it'a and ide atapi cdrom....but I don't know how to change it....

    Evertime I hit record it brings up and error in /dev/pg I think it was and mentions aload of scsi errors.....

    Anyone have any clues how I can fix this ?



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    Most CD recorder programs use the portable "sg" generic SCSI driver to access drives, which means that you don't use device files, but the SCSI IDs. It also means that you have to set up SCSI emulation to get IDE drives to work with it.

    What does "cdrecord -scanbus" return?

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    Heres the error...

    The error I get is as follows :-

    Cd record 2.0 (I686) bla bla bla

    Cdrecord: No such file or directory. Cannot open '/dev/pg*'. Cannot open scsi driver.

    cdrecord: for possible targets try 'cdrecord -scanbus'. Make sure you are root.
    cdrecord: " " transport specifiers try 'cdrecord dev=help'.



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    How would I setup the emulation to get it to work ?



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    First try modprobe sg to see if the module is installed and just not loaded. If it doesn't give you an error, do lsmod and make sure it showed up, then try cdrecord -scanbus. If that fails I can give you my recommendations on what you should do.

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    Another way...

    Well the whole cd writer lark has pee'd me off a bit so I have used nero and burnt the .iso images to cd and Im currently testing them.

    I wanted to burn the images using linux but if this works I will be quite happy and will attempt to get it set up right when I have rh9 installed.

    cheers to everyone


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    When you get rh9 online, try this:

    After you finish your install and can actually work on rh9, its very probable that the problem was that the device in which you're cd writer was wasn't listed as a recording device on the gnome software.

    First you need to know in what device is your cd-writer on: just go to hardware browser (usually under System Tools) and your drive should be under "CD-ROM drives", there you'll know what device it is on. If you install rh9, is very probable that the software you'll get is GnomeToaster and/or X-CD-roast. In any of them, go to the configuration area and make sure that the device that they're using is the device that you got from the hardware browser and that it is a "writable device" (in the case GnomeToaster).

    Hope this helps.

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    i will assume ur using lilo as boot manager

    u have to change the line
    or add it if its not there.

    but put hdc=ide-scsi ont to end of it (still inside the quotes)
    that assumes its on secondary master plug inside ur comp.
    hdd is sec slave.

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