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    Quote Originally Posted by nealro
    so I'm clear... someone correct me if I'm wrong. Swap partition can be shared between multiple installs of linux - OK got that. what about /boot and /home? For example, could you use the same /boot, swap and /home for 3 versions of linux and have a hdd partitioned like this:

    | /boot | swap | /home | / (FC4) | / (Debian) | / (Ubuntu) |
    I would personally not recommend sharing any partitions other than the SWAP and (perhaps) /home directory, simply because SWAP is just harddrive RAM and gets wiped regularly, so the integrity of the data doesn't matter. With your /home directory you could run into problems when one distribution changes your configuration for a program and it won't run in another distribution.

    As far as sharing a /boot partition, I'm not even sure that's possible, since (IIRC) that's where the individual kernels for the distributions are kept. You wouldn't want one distro messing with the kernel of another...
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    Ok I forgot about this post but finally getting back to it. I found out for sure that you cannot share the /boot partition among distributions. I tried it and was no longer able to boot to Fedora. I was able to fix pretty easily: (inculded in case someone else tries it)
    boot w/ cd and linux rescue
    cd /mnt/sysimage/sbin
    find /grub/stage1
    root (hd0,0)
    setup (hd0)

    I installed Ubuntu sharing my home partition but haven't gotten it to work properly yet, still tinkering with permissions....

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    Correction. I am now dual booting with Fedora and Ubuntu and sharing a /boot partition. Just make sure the kernel boot files initrd.img... and vmlinuz... do not have the same name as an existing OS or something may be overwritten.

    I did have to manually edit the grub.conf file to get it to dual boot. I had Fedora installed already and working fine. Whe I installed Ubuntu it made all my Feora grub entries into Ubuntu entries but it was trying to use the fedora kernel for each so it would boot to an Ubuntu login prompt but it would make my machine hang - keyboard and mouse did not respond to anything and had to hard reset.

    I used the procedure from my previous post to repair my working fedora grub.conf. Then accessed my Ubuntu / partition and copied the entries for booting Ubuntu out of that grub.conf into my fedora grub.conf. That seemed to do the trick. I found on another post, maybe even on a different website that a shared /boot partition is the "recommended" way to boot mulltiple linux OS's.

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