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    Error Installing Packages

    I have posted this in different forums and so far no one has been able to figure it out.

    athlon 2100
    asus a7v333
    visiontek GF 4 4600 Ti
    1GB OCZ PC2700 (just 512MB's now)
    Western Digital 100GB Special Edition
    I/O Magic 48X12X48
    Sony Floppy
    Mandrake Linux 9.1 Prosuit

    I am pretty sure that the system hardware is compatible with linux, as I had mandrake 9.0 installed a while back.

    At first I had problems with it because I had a gig of ram. I took a stick out then tried the installation.

    Next it would go through the installation and partially install. It got maybe 1/6 of the way completed. When it was installing xfree86, it would freeze making me reboot. This happened about 3 times or so.

    Then it gave this error for each part that was installing (opensll, ect.). However, it didn't say why it failed. It asked if I wanted to continue or cancel. Cancel would cancel the entire installation. Continue would try to install the next thing, which would also fail. No packages would install. Everyone failed.

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    are u sure ur partitions are set up properly. ie can it write ot them and do they have enoggh free space.

    also ur cd might be scratched or ur drive might have dirt in it.

    does it work if u isntall in text mode?

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    Text mode doesn't help either .

    I let it autoconfigure the partions. If I remember correctly, the root is 6GB's, swap 480MB's, and then the rest of the drive (around 85GB's).

    The CD's aren't scratched. I just got them in the mail yesterday. Thinking it was the drive, I did try 2 other drives. Neither one made any difference, although with one drive (teak 56x) the installation wouldn't even load.

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    what exactly is this error message

    press ctrl+alt+f3 i think (try f1-f6)
    to watch it installing each rpm, when i freezes write down somehere what the error is.

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    I got this from the kernal messages"

    <6>end_request: I/O error, dev 0:300 (hda), sector 1140524
    <4>hda: command error: status 0x51 { DriveReady SeekComplete Error}
    <4>hda: command error: error 0x54

    Since it seems like a drive error, I will steal a drive from my other computer and see if that fixes it. It is strange that all of the drives in this computer would have problems.

    This time it did try installing the packages, but once again gave this error on xfree86. I tried not installing xfree86. It then got about 3/4 of the way done and froze on something else.

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    <4> hda: cdrom_decode_status: status 0x51 {DriveReady SeekComplete Error}
    <4>hda: error 0x30 LastFailedSence 0x30
    <4> hda ATAPI reset

    This is on the new drive, an I/O Magic 52x24x52

    Seeing as how it is locking in the same place, on xfree86, could it be the CD's? Is there any way I could check that short of getting another set?

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    u could iso the cd and compare the md5 sums from a download version... although im not entirely sure u can download prosuite, still dmk might have md5 sums for ur cd's

    im thinking it could be some sort of ide control setup problem. ie some sort of write caching or drive control of some sort in ur bios. try turning off any Hdd/cd/ide speedup things there. also from my experience acpi causes problems if u have a unsupported chipset (or in my case if u do but it feels like playing up) turn this off in ur bios as well.

    If u cant find out how try passing acpi=off to the installer at the screen where u can give it kernel params. (press f1 at the mdk start screen and i think its in expert)... its the screen with warnings about how scsi modules cant be loaded here or something

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    I am on a 26.4K connection. There is no way in hell I could download the ISO's.

    I have no speedup options that I know of. The kernal disables DMA, so there is nothing I can do with that. I did disable acpi and switched it over to PIC (whatever the other option is). Turning it off, however, made my CD drives act strangely and it wouldn't even reach the package choice screen before locking. It locked with the same kernal errors as before.

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